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Be extra aware, careful and prepare for more severe natural disasters because of the planetary alignments.  The destruction of Atlantis also coincided with the planetary alignments. Remember history repeats when we repeat the same mistakes (especially when the human race is repeating the same selfish ways of the Atlantis era).

How can we expect a different result (or effect), when the cause is the same as before?  By doing the same thing over and over again, we get the same results.

The Great Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) is absolutely fair and just.  The innocent and selfless will be spared. The wicked and selfish will NOT be spared. It is not actually God's punishment but the own doing of the wicked and selfish.  Whoever chooses the dark, wicked and selfish path, must prepare for a dark and wicked ending.

However, it is never to late to change and follow the Right Path, the Divine Path and the Selfless Path.

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We cannot blame God or anyone else for all of our own suffering, and all natural & man made disasters [we cannot solve our own suffering by blaming others].

First of all, individual suffering is always because of our own doing – based on the great Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), which is absolutely just and fair.  We cannot remember our previous lives or incarnations, so we do not remember our negative actions, speeches and thoughts from our previous lives or incarnations.  We all have to [finally] balance our own equation of cause and effect.

Some may argue why some extremely selfish people are doing so well.  The longer it takes for the payback to happen, the more severe it is – just like a storm accumulating and gathering momentum.  The longer it gathers momentum, the more severe the storm.

Natural and man made disasters are the effect of the collective.  Not only do groups of people have negative: thoughts, speeches and actions, but even nations and the whole world – are full of people with negative: thoughts, speeches and actions.

We are at the peak of the dark age, so naturally negative thoughts, speeches and actions worldwide have been accumulating for many years.  Negative thoughts, speeches and actions disrupt the harmony of not only individuals, groups, nations – but also the whole world and everything within it.  It can even disrupt other dimensions and beyond our own planet.

Harmony is actually only positive energy.  All thought, speech and action is energy – so when it is negative, it spreads everywhere like wildfire—because energy is never destroyed, it is transferred.  The more negative energy there is, then the less harmony there will be.  Disharmony also affects the four elementals: Fire, Air, Water and Earth – and when these four elementals are not in harmony, then it has to 're-balance the equation' to achieve harmony again.  For example, the human body: when it is not in harmony, we get a fever in order to transfer the negative into positive (in order to be in harmony again).

Some natural and man made disasters are also the Karma of groups, cities, nations, etc.  The Great Law of Cause and Effect is absolutely just and fair.

Some individual sufferings, and other man-made disasters (that appear as "natural disasters") are actually caused selfishly and purposely by the Dark Brotherhood.

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