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   New Chapter Added:

True Knowledge, Compassion and Sacrifice I.

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Brothers and Sisters,

   We have re-designed the whole website to be more viewer-friendly on both desktop/laptop computer screens and modern smartphones.

   We Also Added A New Chapter:

"""Eight Priceless Keys To Achieve""":
The Highest Spirituality On Earth, By Assured, Most Direct, Shortest, Simplest & Quickest Way

Thank you very much for waiting!

   Any New Chapters will also be added to the navigation menu.

   For visitors using older web browsers (mostly released before 2012, even Internet Explorer 6); OR those who wish to visit the original website —

i.  You can still visit "Legacy Light Maitreya Way" in the menu.
ii.  Or manually type in the URL:
   Again, Thank You for your patience and visits as we continue to update and upgrade Light Maitreya Way!