Basic: Introduction

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Now is the End of the Dark-, Ignorant- or Selfish- Age (or Kali Yuga).

Observe how much humanity has degenerated; how distant we are from: God, spirituality, and the true purpose of life.

Now is the Beginning of Knowledge, Light and Co-operation for Common Goal.  This Common Goal is the Age of Satya Yuga (or New Golden Age, or the Age of Compassion, Light, Truth, Co-operation, Service, Christ, or Maitreya, Mother of the World, Aquarius, Divine Fire, Heart, and Beauty).

Each civilization, age and great event is in accordance with the Divine: Predestined and Preordained Schedule.  They are directed by Original- Will (or Idea or Impulse or Plan) at the beginning of a New Cycle, through Cosmic: Co-Measurement, Cooperation and the Constant selfless striving by all of God's workers.  All is done in line with the Law of Karma, Law of Correspondence, Law of Harmony, etc.

Civilizations fall through self-destruction, due to the wrong use of God's Gift to humankind – Free Will – which leads to bad karmas, ignorance, selfishness and injustice.

Our present humankind have already failed before, so at this present time – it is our Final Chance to choose the Right Choice of Co-operation and Sharing (God's Will)—to save humankind, humanity and planet Earth.

If we continue to choose the wrong (selfish) path – which separates us from our Inner Soul, Nature, Universe and God – then humankind, humanity and planet Earth will only lead to one conclusion [or outcome] which is self-destruction!

The Right Path is the Path of Harmony with everything.

We must always choose out of our own Free Will.  We must always take responsibility for our own actions, thought, speech, choices, etc. [because] we are responsible for the consequences (cannot run away from it).  This is the Law of Karma (Cause and Effect) which the whole universe is based upon.

We are now quickly approaching the end of the present cycle or age.  Every living being and everything that is unfit for the new better cycle or age (higher vibration or energy) cannot exist [here] anymore.  The new age is based on cooperation, unity, selflessness and harmony; and the current outgoing age is the exact opposite.  Therefore, everything in this current age has to make way for new everything, and everyone who wants to enter the new age must change.  We cannot buy our way into Heaven.

Everything physical or earthly (even planets) are created with almost unrestricted use of God's thought energy.  Now the Divine thought energy has been withdrawn, so it is not accessible for selfish motives (and intentions) anymore.  At the same time, by restricting the use of Divine thought energy, all existing old creations are unable to exist anymore.

The Divine thought to creative energy is only accessible for selfless use and for new selfless creations.  It is only available and accessible to those who use it for building (or creating) for the Common Good with purely selfless intentions (especially through Co-operation and Group Work).

Nothing in the universe has the ability to hinder or destroy any Divine Goal or Divine Plan.  Divine Plans (or Goals) are predestined to succeed no matter what.  There are many of the highest Divine Beings in the whole universe or cosmos – Who are working together harmonically (in unity and working together absolutely selflessly) for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan or Goal, through Great Sacrifice and Courage.  These highest Divine Beings are more powerful, wiser and have accumulated powerful energies – solely for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

Those who choose the Right Path (through free will) by Co-operating with God's Will or Plan – are most blessed and wise. This is because they will have good karma, and they can even clear all of their previous and past lives: bad karmas.  At the same time we will be on the path to liberation, and also the evolution of our consciousness.

Those who choose the wrong path, or continue along the wrong path (through free will) out of ignorance, pride, low consciousness and selfishness are most unfortunate – because they will perish from this planet without a trace. It is even possible to lose their own soul. Since they cannot enjoy New Heaven on Earth on this planet, they will have to exist on other planets with lower vibrations or energies. The more severe cases will end up at even worse places.

Lower un-evolved worlds especially lower astral worlds are indeed hell like because of its indescribable and unimaginable suffering and pain.  Especially with eternal longing and craving for earthly lower desires that will never be satisfied.  Hell is not locality, but state of consciousness.

The Law of Retribution or Redemption is based on the great Law of Karma ("we reap what we sow !").  Every thought, speech or action we send out – an equal force returns to us (just like a boomerang).  Each and every action has an equal counter-reaction.

If we selflessly co-operate with God to fulfill the Divine Plan, in this case, we will reap a hundred times more [good karma] — because of selflessness.

Age of Thought with Heart.

Our original thought (or intent) is most important.  The primary cause of bad karma is our thoughts.  Our thoughts can produce good or bad karma, so we must control our thoughts through: self-discipline, truth and wisdom.  We must have complete awareness of our own thoughts.

Our thoughts can be our best friend or our worst enemy.  It is a very necessary tool for our liberation; and at the same time it can keep us in bondage forever.

The highest, most noble and honorable service is when we co-operate with God's Plan.  One of the most effective ways to co-operate with God's Plan is to:

  1.  Get rid of all negative thoughts,

  2.  Visualize the success of God's Plan or Heaven on Earth as often as possible.

The New Age is the Age of Positive Thought based on one's Heart.

The mind is filled with many of societies wrong ideas, so most of our thoughts are already corrupted.  If you think with your heart, then you are thinking using your soul—which is pure and selfless.  So if we always think [and act] with our hearts (instead of our minds) then we will always have good karma (also helping God's Plan).

Since the mind consists mainly of negative thoughts and the physical realm, it is wise to always dwell within one's heart – as it is the window to our soul.  From the heart we can hold constant positive and benevolent thoughts, and thought and visualization of Heaven on Earth.  This is "Heart Prayer."

We should all focus on creating beautiful and benevolent thoughts for the Common Greater Good – and hold these thoughts.  If we constantly focus on the positive, then the negative will have no more leverage influence over us – because the more we focus on something, we make it more powerful.

We are the embodiment of God's Thoughts — Life, Love, Energies (Trinity).

We can only enter and live in the New World through selfless benevolent thought (or consciousness) from one's heart – because it is only through selfless benevolent thought (or consciousness) – that we can expand (or evolve) our consciousness.  Without the expansion of our consciousness, we will not be able to live on the newly establish Heaven on Earth.  Unlike the old world, the New World will be based on using our hearts; not our minds anymore.  Basically it will be a world based on spiritual thought and physical thought.

We can be the most intelligent (with the highest IQ), but without an awaken heart – we cannot live in the New World because the Awaken Heart is the Key; and Evolution of Consciousness is measured Spiritually (not physically).

To awaken our hearts—we must be selfless.  There are no loopholes in spirituality and in the New World.

In accordance with Law of Correspondence:

As Above, so below.  As God Sacrificed and Serving all living beings, so all living beings must also serve God—by co-operating with God's Plan.

As within, so without. –As everything both good and bad are materialized and created by Creative (God-given) thought energy from within, so the solution for all the problems in the world (without) are only [found] within.

Like attracts like.  We all attract accordingly and correspondingly. That is, we attract those who are similar to ourselves (in terms of our level of consciousness, desires, focus, point of evolution, etc).

(Revised: 2018-Dec-28)