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True Knowledge, Compassion and Sacrifice, I.

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To Positively And Respectfully: Analyze, Correct, Clarify, Confirm and Purify Lord Maitreya’s True Teachings—

Problem Of Erroneous: Contradicting, Excluding and Negating Statements—

Particularly In The Book: Maitreya’s Teachings The Laws of Life


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Our Intention and Motive

1.  Firstly, Our Intent and Motive Is Not To: Criticize, Judge or Slander – Our Spiritual Brother, Mr. Benjamin Creme.

2.  But To Safeguard Lord’s Teachings and Other True Teachers’ Teachings—As Our Self-Chosen Task and Shared Responsibility—

(I)  Especially Now At Mankind's Critical Crossroad And Spiritual Crisis—

( Either ) To Make It and Continue Evolving Higher,

( Or ) Fail and Perish From Evolution In This Cycle…

(II)  So We Are Taking Full Self-Responsibility To:

(a)  …Correct, Clarify, Confirm and Purify """Lord Maitreya’s Teachings."""

(i)  By Checking And Emphasizing The Contradiction, Error, Negation Or Misrepresentation — That Is Harmful To Students, Seekers And Disciples;

(ii)  Regardless Of The Personality Or Status Of The Author, Speaker, Teacher and/or Writer; Even Cases Of Approved and Recognized Spiritual Teachers, And Self-Claimed “Ascended Masters” (If Their Statements Contradict, Distort Or Misrepresent Lord Maitreya’s Teachings).

(iii)  """Lord Maitreya's Teaching"""* Is Our Final And Highest Spiritual Authority And Measurement To Correct, Clarify, Confirm and Purify Any: Distorted, Erroneous, False, Misguiding, Misleading (etc) Spiritual Teachings.

(iv)  Also Affirmed When Supported By (Or Match To) Our Next Second Highest Spiritual Authority, """Master Djwhal Khul"""**;

Because He Is Authorized To Represent Lord, Master Koot Hoomi (Humi), Master Morya and Saint Germain.

Notes: (refer #2a)—

* : Especially From Lord's ""Agni Yoga Teachings (1924 To 1939)"", Transmitted Through Helena Roerich (aka Elena Ivanovna).

** : Mainly From The ""Twenty-Four Books Of Esoteric Philosophy (1919 To 1949)"" That Were Transmitted Through Alice Bailey.

(b)  …And Also Protect Our Spiritual Brother, Mister Creme.

(i)  As Lord Mentioned, We Always Must Protect Our Spiritual Brothers and Sisters – from evil-minded ones' attacks!

3.  LMW: So We Are Doing Our Best (Assigned Duty) For: Serious Spiritual Seekers, Disciples, Lord and Spiritual Hierarchy—

(a)  As Part Of Our Pledge To: Protect Lord's and Others' True Teachings.

(b)  Not To Negatively Criticize, Judge, Or Jealous To: Approved And Recognized Personalities Or Teachers.

4.  We Are All: Compassionate and Grateful To, Highly Respect and Admire: Mister Benjamin Creme—

(a)  For His Many Years Of Selfless Service And Dedication To Lord Maitreya – As Messenger and Provider Of Important Information About Lord’s Mission – Especially The Coming """Day Of Declaration""" !

(b)  Despite Some Unavoidable and Un-Ignorable: Contradicting, Erroneous, Misrepresenting and Negating Statements – Under His Name, Regarding Sacrifice

Mister Creme Himself, Technically and Practically Did Sacrifice For Lord – More Than 39 Years!

(c)  Also, By Correcting, Clarifying, Confirming and Purifying Lord's Teaching — We Are Also Helping Mister Creme’s Karma.

* * *

5.  Whenever We Find (Especially Regarding Vitally Essential Spiritual Teachings):

(a) Contradictions,

(b) Distortions (Even When Unintended),

(c) Erroneously Or Uniformly: Excluding and Negating Statements,

That Will Cause Spiritual Or God: Seekers and Students To:

(i)  Misinterpret,

(ii)  Misunderstand,

(iii)  Mislead (Especially Beginners),

(iv)  Mistakenly Accept, Believe And Literally Apply As If: The Final Whole Truth (Or Only Spiritual Authority),

6.  …IF We* Then Fail To…

(a) Purify Such: Contradictions, Distortions, Exclusions, Negations, Misrepresentations, Misinterpretations (etc) : Of True Teachings;

(b) Emphasizing To Correct, Clarify, Confirm and Protect The Original True Meaning(s) Of True Teachings…

    • If no one else will (who can fully discern, write, preach and affirm all true teachings)…

7.  Then It Carries: Very Serious Dangers and Consequences — Especially For: Spiritual Seekers, Aspirants, Applicants and Probationary Disciples…

As In, They Can End Up:

(a)  With Spiritual Failure (!),

(b)  Harm Themselves And Others,

(c)  Choose Wrong Direction (like misuse knowledge to pursue selfish personal: profits, power & control)…

 : For Example (As Revealed By Master DK)—

I.  The three advanced disciples back in old Lemuria [before Atlantis]—after passed a certain level of initiation, who then…

i)  denied and refused to serve God, Lord and humanity,

ii)  and continued to pursue worldly personal: profit, power and control,

II.  So Lord Decreed: Despite They Achieve To Gather All Worldly Wealth And Power — They Will Ever Live Without Peace…

III.  Today we know of three major racial groupings (or strains, or body types) — who continue to bear the heavy karma of those original three disciples (their ancestors)…

Broadly and generally known (as follows):

i)  From the eldest disciple: the Semitic races of biblical and modern times: like Arabs, Afghans, Moors and their various branches; including modern Egyptians.

ii)  From the second disciple: the Latin peoples and their various branches everywhere; including the Celtic wherever found.

iii)  From the third disciple: the Teutons [Germans], Scandinavians and Anglo-Saxons.
(REF: Master DK, through Alice Bailey, Esoteric Psychology I.)

8.  LMW: So Why It Is So Essentially Important To Clarify, Correct, Confirm and Purify All True Teachings—Especially Lord Maitreya’s Teachings—Now During ""The Age Of Aquarius (Or Age Of True Knowledge, Or Satya Yuga)"" !

In Doing So, We Are Both:

(a)  Helping Serious Seekers, Aspirants, Applicants and Disciples – To Avoid And (Be) Free From: Dangers, Harms and Failures !

(b)  Safeguarding Lord’s and Others’ True Teachings—From Unintended And Unavoidable Errors Committed By Our Spiritual Brothers And Sisters (While Carrying Out Their Selfless Service And Sharing Of Spiritual Teachings);

Notes: (refer #8b)—

I.  Even disciples can make mistakes, including ourselves—but we always cautiously and vigilantly trying to avoid making any serious errors and mistakes.

II.  Even Saint Paul (Of Tarsus), now known as the Master Hilarion – made a serious and problematic mistake that impacted Christianity until this day.

III.  Master DK mentioned: whether disciples, Masters, even Buddhas – if committed a serious error or mistake – they have to come back to solve and correct it!

IV.  LMW: Similarly, after sent out negative and destructive thoughts – mankind sooner or later must clear them – mainly through sufferings and tragedies – because know it or not, violated (not complying) Higher (Spiritual) Laws, like the Great Law of Karma (aka Law of Action and Equal Reaction).
V.  In Order To Avoid Unintended Spiritual Errors and Mistakes—Each Disciple Must:

i)  Have Total And Unshakable: Self-Sincerity and Self-Honesty [Plus Humility];

ii)  Totally Complying and Applying True Teachings.

    • VI.  Spiritual seekers and students should distinguish (or discern) between: spiritual errors & mistakes and Spiritual Paradox (not a teaching flaw or mistake)…
    • i)  Spiritual Paradox is due to fragments of True Teachings correspondingly and proportionately given – according to different ages (or world cycles) and the particular level of mankind's consciousness (aka point of evolution).
    • ii)  As we have multiform (many and different) levels of consciousnesses – so Spiritual Hierarchy cannot give just One Teaching for every and all – to apply uniformly across the board, without causing dangers and harms.

(refer #8b)—

In New Aquarius Age (Sign Of Water Carrier) – Indicates Service – So Especially Now, Everything In Spirituality Requires (Must Accompany With) ""Selfless Service"";

Only By Conscious, Willing and Continuous ""Selfless Service"" – Will Spiritual Practices Become Harmless and Safe.

9.  As Lord Revealed, So many distortions, so many inaccuracies have been admitted into the Teachings. Verily, each purification is great Service. Each striving to renew the Truth, as it has been given to humanity, is Fiery Service. … (Agni Yoga, Fiery World III, 125.)

10.  And Lord Buddha Taught,

(a)  Do not blindly believe a Teacher, a Guru, even a Buddha – without firstly applying (experimenting) by oneself.

(b)  Only after: (i) gained own experience, (ii) confirmed teaching is true, (iii) and accepted it – (iv) then need to apply for entire life.

11.  LMW: Another reason why we need to correct, clarify and confirm True Teachings – is to remind seekers and readers that: Whole Truth Is The Only Spiritual Authority.

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Significant Issue That Will Negatively Impact All New Seekers and Disciples – In The Book: Maitreya's Teachings The Laws Of Life

book cover of: maitreya's teachings the laws of life.

12.  Our Main Issue Is With The Following: Contradicting, Excluding, Negating and Uniformly-Presented Statements (in the above-mentioned book):

Note: Here we are concerned with the highlighted words only; the rest are mostly correct. Click picture to view in higher resolution.

snapshot of unignorable statements in the book: the laws of life.

13.  On Pages 87 to 88: The Un-Ignorable, Undeniable and Unavoidable (Inexcusable) Statements Are—To Paraphrase:

(I)  That In Mankind’s Approach To God And Lord—

!  We do not need compassion,

!!  We do not need sacrifice,

In Other Words, God does not need compassion or sacrifice from mankind… (!!!)

(II)  Of Less Impact, But Still Serious—Are The Statements That:

i)  We do not need charity,

ii)  We do not need to be ‘good’,

(III)  While The Last Paragraph: Did Not Consider To Mention Any Earlier Steps (Or Stages) Which ""New Students Up To Even Third Initiates"" MUST Pass Through (Cannot Skip) — Before Reaching The Higher State Of ""Unity"";

snapshot of unignorable statements in the book: the laws of life.

So We Will Mention And Clarify About:

•  Spiritual Paradox;

•  Spirituality Cannot Teach Uniformly;

•  Spiritual Responsibilities Of Disciples;

•  Duality.

 Note: We Will Cover These Topics More In The Next Update.

14.  These Issues Are A Reminder That:

(a)  We must be very careful whenever negating (or uniformly excluding) spiritual teachings—like saying, we do not need this and that — to avoid causing: dangers, harms and failures in spirituality.

(b)  Especially regarding vitally important: highest divine aspects or principles like compassion and sacrifice (!);

(c)  Therefore, we need to provide complete explanations (co-measured and corresponding to seekers’ and students’ level of knowledge and understanding).

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Present Mankind's Spiritual Crisis

15.  The Last Important Reason Why We Need To Correct, Clarify, Confirm And Purify—Especially About """Compassion And Sacrifice""" Is Because:

(I)  """Compassion""" IS Vitally Essential—Not Only For Disciples, But For Whole Mankind In Order To:

(a)  Continue Evolving Further And Higher;

(b)  Reach Their Preordained And Predestined Goal In This Present (Second Ray) Solar System.

(II)  """Compassion""" IS The Main Measurement For Coming:

(a)  New Higher Sixth Race Evolution;

(b)  Great Separation (Of Fit From unfit Mankind).

(III)  Those lacking compassion—often manifesting as persistent: selfishness; complacency; pursuing only materialistic comfortable living; total indifference and inaction towards: evil and injustice (like illegal and unlawful wars; policies that deny the basic needs of miserable, unfortunate and starving mankind; etc.)—cannot evolve further.

(IV)  Few Are Those Striving For The All Good—Out Of Compassion, Conscience, Caring and Concern…

…Or Genuinely Expressing Their ""Inner Spiritual Soul Nature (Or Buddhic / Christ Principle)"" — By Many and Various Ways, Like Goodwill:



 Human Rights Work;

 Discipleship (aka New Group Of World Servers).

(V)  Therefore Why: Approximately One-Quarter (or 25%) Of Mankind Will Continue As New Higher Sixth Race — After Achieved At Least Higher Manas (to) Buddhi (Or Totally Selfless: Sixth* Higher Principle).

    • Counting from below; so equivalent to second highest principle if counting from above—out of seven total principles constituting man.

      Not the etheric body (or sixth lower principle) if counting from above.

(VI)  And why three-fourths (or 75%), who chose to remain selfish and indifferent…

• will fail spiritual tests,

• become left-behind and unfit,

• lead to become separated (from the Fit 25%),

• finally depart to hell-like, lower world(s).

16.  Always, It Is Mankind’s Responsibility To Seek, To Know, And To Make It…

***(a)  Without Announcing Or Notification—God Is Testing Whole Mankind—Including National Leaders, Peoples Within Nations, And Refugees / Migrants—

(b)  And """Proven Selfless Sharing And Serving, With True Compassion""" — Is The Most Important Requirement For Our Present Fifth Race — Before Final Great Completion And Separation Of Mankind (!!!)

(c)  And Very Simply—Whoever Fails This """God Requirement""" Which Is Compulsory And Non-Negotiable:

Then No Matter What — At The Appointed Date (Less Than Six Years From Now)—

(i)  Cannot Continue Higher Evolution;

(ii)  Must Go Down to lower world(s).

    • Regardless they:

      a)  know it or not,

      b)  like it or not,

      c)  are highly educated and knowledgeable,

      d)  are physically well-prepared with food, water, survival supplies, power generators and weapons [but not spiritually prepared],

      e)  spent millions of dollars on state of the art: underground bunkers, steel fortresses and survival planning & training…

      i.  Because still missing the most important God Requirement: """selfless sharing and serving for the all good, out of genuine compassion (or simply: Selfless Service)."""

      ii.  Because there is no safety & no escape for the extremely selfish and unfit.

(d)  So Those Who Are Wise And Want To Survive — Must Be Fully Prepared To Pass Many And Various, Different Kinds Of Tests And Trials—In Daily Life And During End Times Purgatory Process…

Most Importantly By Conscious, Willing & Persistent """Expressing Of True Selfless Compassion""" !

Notes: (refer #16d)—

I.  Almost everywhere today, including developed Group of Seven (or G7) nations in North America and Western Europe—are all facing problems with joblessness, homelessness and refugees.

II.  Both the United Nations and Pope Francis have been consistently, continuously and persistently: urging peoples and leaders of nations around the world—to help and accept: asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.

III.  This is not about: politics, propaganda, religion, belief, ideology or –isms (like socialism versus capitalism).

…It Is Fundamentally And Simply About God's Requirement For Mankind In This Present Cycle And Solar System: """Selfless Love (Or Compassionate Concern, Consideration and Humaneness) And Wisdom""".

IV.  How every human (including leaders and peoples of developed nations) responds to: refugees, migrants, homeless, poor and neediest peoples – Is An Unmistakable Proving Measure For The Most Important: """God Requirement Of Compassion""".

So for example: those who refuse and reject to share (with the above-mentioned needy ones) – despite they can afford to and have the opportunity – will end up committing serious sins and mistakes (under God tests).

V.  Politicians and national leaders who already lost their souls – are misleading people to also lose their souls…

i.  Lacking compassion themselves – they wickedly and one-sidedly accuse real refugees (truly fleeing from wars, disasters and other dangers) – as “invaders.”

ii.  Lacking humaneness – they behave like wild animals instead:

• marking their territory.

• hating and attacking first: whoever comes by, harmlessly looking for food and shelter.

VI.  As No Single Nation Or Land Really Belongs To Anyone (It Is God's Providence To Equally Share…)

a)  So those Who Are (By Thought, Speech Or Deed) Participating In Or Supporting:

i.  building walls to block neediest peoples,

ii.  turning back and rejecting: asylum seekers, refugees and migrants (like the recent ‘migrant caravan’ from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico),

iii.  governments and regimes that are actually causing people to starve, suffer and die (like what is happening to Yemen),

b)  …Like It or Not, Know It or Not—they Are:

i.  Against God's Will And Requirements;

ii.  Definitely going to lower world(s).

17.  True Compassion Must Prove By:

(a)  Giving, Sharing and Sacrificing For Greater Common Good!

(i)  Not Just for family members and friends; or only when there is some personal benefit (or ‘return on investment’).

(ii)  Not By:

• bogus (phony) insincere acting,

• only self-claiming (to be selfless),

• hypocritical speeches (without matching deeds)!

Note: We can deceive ourselves, but we cannot deceive our own Soul, Lord and God!

(b)  By Elevating, Uplifting, Helping and Sharing (With):



 Needy and Neediest.

 Have-Not and Starving Mankind.

(c)  """Selfless Services For God, Lord and Humanity—Out Of Gratitude And Loving Understanding."""

18.  Compassion Can Self-Cultivate (or Self-Nurture) By:

(I)  Consciously, Willingly and Persistently—

(a)  Expressing ""AS IF"" Already One’s Actual, Original, Primary ""Spiritual Soul Nature And Qualities""!

(b)  Practicing Daily In Entire Life:

(i)  ""Selfless Sharing"";

(ii)  ""As Compassionate, Considerate, Humane Being To Everyone"";

(iii)  ""Self-Correcting, Self-Controlling & Self-Disciplining one’s"": negative, destructive, selfish, prideful (etc) – thoughts, speech and deeds.

(iv)  Self-Progress; (and so on…);

(II)  Eventually Develop True Compassion — Through """Awakened Inner Buddhic / Christ : Consciousness, Energies and Fires""" !

(III)  Under The Laws Of—

(a)  Altruism.

(b)  Energies Following One’s Holding Thought, Lead To Manifesting As Reality.

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Three Divine Aspects (Or Expressions, Or Principles)—

Which All Spiritual Students, Seekers and Disciples MUST PASS THROUGH—In Order To Achieve: Eternal Liberation, Immortality and Ultimate Perfection…

∆ True Knowledge

∆ Compassion

∆ Sacrifice

19.  As These Three Are Connected To The Highest: Divine Trinity (Or Divine Triad): """A · U · M"""—

(a)  Knowledge to Manas (or personality or lower self consciousness).

(b)  Compassion to Buddhi (or Spiritual Soul or Higher Self Consciousness).

(c)  Sacrifice to Atma (or Divine Monad or Universal Self Consciousness).

20.  And Each Aspect (or Principle) Is A Vehicle For The Next Higher Principle…

(a)  Manas Is Vehicle Of Buddhi.

(b)  Buddhi Is Vehicle For Atma.

21.  In Order To Pass All Important (First To Fourth) Initiations—Spiritual Students, Seekers and Disciples Must:

(I)  Strictly And Sequentially* Pass Through All Three Of These Divine Aspects (or Expressions, or Principles):

(Manas): By Intelligent Application Of True Knowledge;

(Buddhi): By Selfless Expression Of Compassion With Higher: Knowledge And Wisdom;

(Atma): By Consciously, Unwaveringly And Fully: Carry Out God's Will (Or Plan);

(II)  PLUS: Always Totally Complying Lord's True Teachings

    • In spirituality, we cannot avoid (or skip) any steps—beginning with manas (or matter / mind), until finally achieve ""Synthesis (or 3 Arcs of Consciousnesses)"".

      i.  If lacking any step—one will remain incomplete and imperfect.

      ii.  When perfected—one achieved union with God (no more human); then rightfully and eventually become a God (for example, of a planet).

22.  Then Affirm To Eventually Achieve:

(i)  Eternal Liberation At 4th Initiation.

(ii)  Immortality At 5th Initiation.

(iii)  Ultimate Perfection At 6th And 7th Initiations.

23.  Without Applying True Higher Knowledge — Using Manas, Connected To The 3rd Highest Divine Aspect: """Active Intelligence""";

··· One Cannot Go Forward and Achieve Buddhi, Connected To The 2nd Highest Divine Aspect: """Compassion and Wisdom""";

24.  Without Compassion — One Will Never Sacrifice For """God's Will or Plan""", Connected To The Highest Divine Aspect;

··· Therefore, Cannot Approach and Unite With """The Father In Heaven""", Through Atma.

Mankind's Preordained Goals In Three Consecutive Solar Systems (Past, Present and Future)…

25.  In The Previous Solar System (Or Cycle) — God Expressed And Manifested As ""Active Intelligence (Or 3rd Divine Aspect, Or Third Ray)"";

And The Preordained Goal Of The Previous Earth Scheme (Connected To Our Evolution, known as Moon Chain) Mankind — Was To Achieve Higher Knowledge, Through Higher Manas (or Higher Mind).

26.  Now In Our Present Solar System — Second Ray Is Most Important And More Powerful Than lower mind [the point at which the failed moon chain group stopped evolving];

And The Predestined Goal For Our Present Fifth Race—

(a)  Is To Transcend lower mind;

(b)  And Achieve ""True Selfless Love (Or Compassion) And Wisdom"";

27.  By Active Intelligence (Manas): Correctly Discern, Distinguish And Choose Between Two Opposites:

(a)  As Compassionate And Selfless (Spiritual Soul):

 By Attraction.


 Right Relationships through Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

 Selfless: Sharing, Serving and Sacrifices.


(b)  Or evil-minded and selfish (personality):

• by repulsion.

• divisive and exclusive.

• negative, destructive and possessive.

• more or less: hateful and vengeful.

• separation.

Notes: (refer #27)—

I.  Evil results from: division and separation, out of selfishness—an expression of lowly-evolved human souls, through lower-mind-focused personalities.

II.  Without (or lacking) compassion—mankind would:

i.  definitely choose: division, selfishness and evil,

ii.  then repulse and reject: Selfless Service To God, Lord and Humanity,

iii.  also be against and refuse: all-inclusiveness; sharing; right relationships (through brotherhood and sisterhood) and unity.

III.  lower-mind is also called 'slayer of truth (or reality)' – as lower-mind focusing ones are prone to: deny, reject and refuse truth [when it challenges, is not convenient, or ‘throws cold water’ onto their self-serving: ideas, desires and plans].

IV.  lower manas is borderline between animal consciousness (and) human consciousness.

i.  animal desires (and) negative, destructive, selfish, goal-unfitting thoughts – corresponding to the animal soul and human soul.

ii.  Mankind’s sufferings, pains and living in hellish mental terrors are always self-chosen and self-inflicted.

iii.  Mainly caused by:

• ignorance,

• wrong identification with one's false (mortal): personality or physical body,

• selfishness,

• pride (separation),

• arrogance,

• attachment to fleeting: sensual desires and pleasures,

• disobedience, rebellion, repulsion and un-cooperativeness against God (!),

V.  selfishness (sinful) and Selflessness (Sinless) — Are Self-Chosen States of Mind — Through The Quality Of Our Thoughts;

VI.  We Always Have God-Provided Free Will—To Consciously, Willingly And Totally Choose ""Selflessness"" (Expressing Only As Our Actual, Original, Primary ""Spiritual Soul Nature"")—By Constant, Continuous & Persistent:

i.  Selfless: Sharing, Service and Sacrifices (For The All Good)—Out Of Gratitude and Loving Understanding.

ii.  Self-Correcting, Self-Controlling and Self-Disciplining Our personality’s: negative, destructive, divisive and selfish–thoughts, words and deeds.

iii.  Self-Complying, Self-Correcting and Self-Adjusting To God's Laws, Through Lord's Teachings;

··· In Order To:

 Transcend lower manas;

 Achieve Higher Manas;

 Lead To Attainment Of ""SINLESS Buddhic (Or Spiritual Soul, Or Solar Angel) Consciousness"" (!!!)

VII.  So Why Lord Revealed That, One's Heavy Karma and Sins Can Even Erase — By Holding Goal-Fitting Thoughts (!)

VIII.  LMW: Because One′s Holding Of Goal-Fitting, Pure and Selfless Thoughts In Entire Life — Accumulates All Best Karma, That Can Clear One’s Bad Karma !

Indeed ""Goal-Fitting Thought"" Is Doorway To Spiritual Consciousness, And Even Divine Consciousness !

(refer #27: notes IV:ii.)—

I.  Our every thought, choice and action generates new effects which sooner or later, rebound to us (return to sender)—under the ""Law of Cause and Effect"".

II.  Therefore Why Lord Christ Taught,

i.  How You Want Others To Treat You, Treat Them That Way.

As you would that men should do to you, do you also to them likewise. (Luke 6:31)

ii.  Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. (Mark 12:31)

28.  In The Distant Future (First Ray) Solar System—

(a)  The Predestined And Preordained Destiny And Goal Will Be To Achieve: The Highest Aspect Of Divine Triad: """God's Will And Plan""" !

(b)  And Even Then (Next Solar System)—We Still Need Compassion.

So We Must Have Compassion—Not Only Now, But Forever!

29.  Among The Coming Sixth Race Mankind, Those Who Achieve """Atma (or Seventh Higher Principle, or Synthesis)""" Will Become Perfected Super Humans (Like Buddha and Christ), As Godly 7th Initiates At Seventh Final Race Cycle!

***30.  But In Order To Achieve This Final Highest Principle And Synthesis Of Three Arcs Of Consciousnesses: Atma · Buddhi · Manas

Sixth Race Individuals Must Prove They Can:

(a)  Implement Own ""Strong Will"" To Strive Continuously;

(b)  Willingly And Joyfully """Sacrifice To: Carry Out, Fulfill And Materialize God's Plans""";

··· Then Will Definitely Achieve To Become ""Perfected Super Humans"" — At Final Seventh Race (Literally Become Buddhas) And Completion Of Evolution Cycle!

* * *

31.  So Whoever Tries To: Exclude, Ignore Or Negate: """True Knowledge, Compassion And Self-Sacrifice"""…

…Beware — As They Are Literally: Denying, Defying and Rejecting Everything From """The Highest Divine""":

(a)  Three Aspects, Expressions Or Principles;

(b)  Three Major Rays;

(c)  Triad (Or Trinity);

(d)  Manifestations (As Solar Systems, Or Cycles Of Evolution).

32.  Mankind Definitely MUST HAVE:

(a)  True Knowledge.

(b)  True Compassion.

(c)  Proven Self-Sacrifice.

··· To Achieve His/Her """Preordained Destiny And Preordained Goal Of Life, Creation And Evolution""".

Free Will Has Serious Consequences (refer #32)—

I.  Although mankind has free will—it is rather limited—meaning whoever rejects: True Knowledge, Compassion and/or Sacrifice – will definitely become unfit and perish from evolution in this cycle.

i.  Take for example our worldly education system—students who meet the school’s requirements and pass the tests, advance to the next grade; but those who refuse to comply (or repeatedly fail tests) are expelled.

ii.  In worldly, people can find ways around rules (take shortcuts or try to ‘cheat the system’)—but in spirituality, the only way to advance is to strictly and sequentially meet the requirements.

iii.  Now three-fourths of mankind (who failed to evolve) have to reap the consequences of their continuous and persistent: wrong use of free will and wrong direction (over many lifetimes, spanning millions of years)—that is, they have to die and transfer to lower worlds.

( See also: Agni Yoga, Infinity II, 58. – Decoded. )

II.  Like in the previous solar system and cycle connected to our planet: the failed group from moon chain—called so because they failed to achieve that cycle's predestined goal of higher manas (or selflessness)—who then became left-behind, and seriously delayed the evolutionary plan in that system;

i.  That is why in our present (second) solar system—our planet had to borrow the ""Intensive, Extensive, Enforcing, Divine Intervention (we know as Initiation Process)"" — to catch up or compensate for the serious delay caused by that earlier group.

ii.  After their participation in our cycle, they will be put aside again, to wait for another cycle – to try again in another world that is less evolved than ours (corresponding to their point of evolution).

III.  So Why Our Transition Now From ""The Fourth Round"" To """The Fifth Round"""…

i.  Is So Drastic And Quick.

ii.  Was Kept Secret And Mystery—Even A Lot Of Disciples Missed To Understand And Realize It!

IV.  From The Sixth Race Onwards—Mankind Will Continuously Make Right Choices Until They Fulfill The Purpose Of Life, Creation And Evolution On Earth: Achieve Eternal Liberation, Immortality and Perfection At The Final Seventh Race Cycle!

To Achieve The Preordained Goal Of Life, Creation and Evolution —

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33.  Ignorance Is Mainly Caused By: Lack Of True Knowledge—Which Is Only Available From True Spiritual Teachings!

34.  Most Of Present Mankind's Problems And The World's Problems Today – Are Directly Causing By Ignorance.

***35.  Many Ignorantly Believe That:

 “We have only one (this present) life.”

 “When we die, it is finished and gone forever.”

 So no need to…

(i)  “Concern, Care, Worry or Thinking About: The Future, Karma, Heaven Or Hell!”

(ii)  “Be Accountable And Responsible For Own: Thought, Speech and Action!”

 So Just: Enjoy, Have More Fun, and Do Whatever One Desires And Wants !”

36.  Ignorance Leads Mankind To:

(a)  Commit Serious Errors, Mistakes and Evil Doings.

(b)  Darkness (or Serving For Dark Masters).

(c)  Bearing Heavy Bad Karmas (Or Sins)!

(d)  Ceaseless Suffering.

(e)  The Endless Vicious Cycle Of: Birth, Death and Rebirth (aka Samsara) !

37.  Without True Knowledge And True Teachings—

(a)  Mankind Cannot Know, Understand And Strive To:

(i)  Fulfill The True Purpose Of Life, Creation And Evolution;

(ii)  Achieve Their Predestined and Preordained: Destiny and Goals.

(b)  Spiritual Seekers Cannot Enable To Know And Understand About:

(i)  Creations.

(ii)  Primary Conditioning (Karma Inherited From Ancestors).

(iii)  Secondary Conditioning (Learned Sinful Behaviors That Beget New Bad Karmas).

(iv)  Body, Mind and Personality (As Temporary Vehicles Only).

(v)  Thoughts.

(vi)  Respecting Lord-Given Powers.

(c)  Then Unable To:

(i)  Solve And Detach From (Any Of) These !

(ii)  Achieve Self-Realization (Or Illumination, Or Enlightenment) !

* * *

38.  So Why Lord Reminded That, Having Partial Or Incomplete Knowledge Is Dangerous.

39.  And Why Master DK Said, For Disciples: Having Too Little Knowledge – Is Much More Dangerous Than Having Too Much Knowledge.

LMW Notes: (refer #39)—

I.  The danger always depends on the user—and the key is: selfish or Selfless

II.  When selfish—danger exists regardless of one having more or less knowledge.

i.  Like having wealth—money itself is not evil—but mankind's misuse of it – produces evil effects.

ii.  Similarly, when spiritual (or occult) knowledge is misused for selfish personal: control, domination or profit-making, etc – the spiritual harm done to others (resulting in spiritual failures) heavily burdens the original abuser—to proportionately suffer and outlive until all heavy karmas cleared.

III.  But When Selfless (Proven By Practical and Persistent: Selfless Service) — Then Having More Knowledge Becomes Safe And Better (Like More Efficient In One’s Labor And Work).

So Indeed, Whenever Motive / Usage Is Purely For: Common Good · The All Good · Or God — Having More Knowledge, More Wealth And More Power IS Always: Better, Desirable And Virtuous.

40.  Only By True Knowledge And True Teachings—Can We Correctly Discriminate And Enable To Know:

(a)  The Universal Self (Or Divine Monad, Or Atma and Buddhi).

(b)  Higher Self (Or Solar Angel, Or Christ / Buddhic Principle).

(c)  lower self (or personality, or physical plane man).

(d)  That we are not only:

(i)  a human soul.

(ii)  the mind or body.

41.  Only By True Knowledge And True Teachings—Enable Spiritual Seekers And Disciples:

(a)  …To Know And Realize That We Have Hundreds (To Thousands) Of Past Lives—Under ""The Law Of Rebirth"" (or Law Of Periodic Manifestation; aka Samsara);

(i)  And Must Ceaselessly Re-Incarnate Until Finally Achieve """Union With Our Higher Self (or Lord, or Christ Principle)""";

(ii)  Only Then Can We Achieve Eternal Liberation!

Note: As Master DK Mentioned,

Man has consciously to bring about his own liberation.

These results are self-induced by the man himself, as he is emancipated from the three worlds, and has broken the wheel of rebirth himself instead of being broken upon it.

(REF: Master DK, through Alice Bailey, A Treatise On Cosmic Fire)

(b)  …To Study True Teachings;

(i)  Daily Fully Complying True Teachings.

(ii)  Apply And Practice True Teachings In Entire Life.

(iii)  Discern false and distorted teachings.

(c)  …To Detach From All: Creations, Conditioning, Vehicles, etc.

(d)  …To Protect And Safeguard Any Dangerous, Sensitive, Or Not Right Time To Reveal : Unlocked Mysteries And Secrets!

    • As true knowledge cannot apply uniformly—so we also need compassion and co-measurement when sharing true teachings.
    • i)  Always apply co-measurement—by never giving more than needed (according to questioner or seekers’ level of assimilation and understanding)—for the sake of their safety.
    • ii)  Even over-eating of delicious and healthy food causes indigestion and sickness.

42.  In Brief, Mankind (Especially Spiritual Seekers) Need True Knowledge—Only Provided By True Spiritual Teachings.

(a)  True Knowledge Is Literally True Teachings;

(b)  Which Originate From The Sun!*

(c)  True Knowledge never originates from worldly, educational or academic–knowledge and teachings.

* : Notes: (refer #42b.)—

I.  Spirituality is the ultimate source of all worldly knowledge.

II.  Good and useful worldly knowledge is to help solve mankind's problems.

III.  For the Fifth Race (particularly those fit to continue Higher Evolution)—it is sufficient (more than enough) to have the following worldly knowledge:

i.  Practical and useful knowledge for daily livelihood and maintaining health;

ii.  Basic arithmetic and science;

iii.  English, as the official international language (in addition to anyones' cultural language or mother tongue).

IV.  Much More Important Is Daily Application Of True Knowledge:

i.  Beginning With ""Morality"".

ii.  Later On ""Higher Living Ethics (Morality + Selfless Service)"".

iii.  Finally To The Best And Highest ""Spirituality"".

•  Because: Without Morality, No Spirituality.

•  And Without Higher Living Ethics And Spirituality—End Up Losing Own Soul—despite achieved the highest in everything else earthly (the highest education, the richest and most powerful in the whole world)!

V.  Please Remember That ""Spirituality"" Refers To:

i.  Anything And Anyone, Which Directly or Indirectly: Contributes, Dedicates, Elevates, Expands and/or Serves For ""Consciousness (Or Spiritual Soul) Evolution"".

ii.  Not when it emphasizes or expands the physical man (or personality, or form).

VI.  By this definition, even matter (like materials and money) can be useful for expanding the consciousness of mankind.

i.  We (Spiritual Souls) are still within a physical body (form). If the form is weak, sick or disabled—how can we strive to achieve spirituality?

ii.  Like what happened to Gautama Buddha (or Siddhartha) when he initially rejected all food (matter) while fasting.

VII.  When Consciousness achieves higher, the physical form spontaneously achieves higher refinement. So it is form that follows Consciousness

i.  Not the other way (or reverse)—like Darwin's theories (darwinism) that focused on strong forms only, and excluded the existence of the soul.

ii.  Even the physically strongest man (or world's best heavyweight boxing- / weight-lifting- champion)—if failed to achieve Buddhic / Christ Principle—will still die and depart to lower world.

: Notes: (refer #42c.)—

I.  Worldly knowledge is only partly true (or having very small fragment of truth, mixed with untruth).

II.  Apart from practical and useful knowledge (see #42b notes) for our daily livelihood and health — most other forms of worldly knowledge are intended and promoted to: fit mankind to serve the agenda of dark masters.

For example, most of worldly higher education: from high school to postgraduate—are well-planned and organized to:

i.  Mislead mankind away from humaneness, morality and God.

ii.  Make them focus instead on 'getting rich' (work for bankers, hedge funds, wall street, etc).

III.  Worldly psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis, especially from Sigmund Freud, is false perverted psychology.

i.  Freud’s own personal problem with incest (which he called “Oedipus complex”), he then suggested that mankind has the same problem (a case of ‘transference’ in worldly psychology).

ii.  Like Darwin, both of them: exclude (deny) the existence of the human soul, while focusing on the physical man and form only.

IV.  Even in the medical field, because it excludes the most important: soul — earthly specialists can only hypothesize, theorize and speculate the cause(s) of diseases.

They do not consider subtler causes—like patients’ mental and emotional problems; or the etheric body [or energy scaffold back of the dense body] not in alignment (or harmony) with the physical body.

V.  And orthodox astrology and astronomy cannot save one’s soul.

i.  If study astrology or astronomy first, then will miss spirituality.

ii.  Key point is: First Things First. Only after achieved mastery of spirituality—will astronomy, cosmogony, and especially astrology become useful for evolution.

43.  Now At Beginning Of Satya Yuga (Or The Age Of Aquarius; Or Age Of True Knowledge And Enlightenment)—

(I)  Lord Maitreya Must Reappear (He Is Already Among Us);

(II)  And Teach Mankind—By Giving Us True Ancient Knowledge And Wisdoms—Especially And Particularly From His """Agni Yoga Teachings"""—In Order To:

(a)  Solve Mankind's And World's Problems.

(b)  Give Spiritually Aspiring And Striving ones — The Rarest Opportunity To···

(i)  Attain Eternal Liberation (Free Forever From Samsara)—Only After Achieved Full Self-Realization (At Fourth Initiation);

(ii)  Eventually Open And Enter Heaven (Or Higher Worlds)!

(iii)  Living Simultaneously In Two Worlds: The World Of Causes And World Of Effects (or Manifestations); and so on…

44.  As Lord Christ Said, And You Shall Know The Truth, And The Truth Shall Make You Free. (John 8:32)

To Achieve The Preordained Goal Of Life, Creation and Evolution —

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We Secondly MUST HAVE


(a)  Our Actual, Original, Primary Nature;

(b)  Our Higher Self (Or Spiritual Soul, Or Sixth Higher Principle);

(c)  Or Highly Developed and Evolved """Solar Angel(s)"""—

(i)  Powerfully Radiating: Light, Solar Fire and Spiritual Knowledge (often called Intuition);

(ii)  Indestructible, Invulnerable and Immortal;

(iii)  Always Pure And Sinless;

(d)  Buddhic (Or Christ): Consciousness, Energy or Principle;

Notes: (refer #45d)—

Buddhi is (corresponds to):

i.  Air.

(As mental corresponds to fire; emotional (astral) to water; physical to earth).

ii.  Balance, Equilibrium and Harmony.

iii.  Consciousness.

iv.  Energy of Love.

v.  Feminine Principle (if no mothers, no regeneration or procreation).

vi.  Sustainer and Preserver (or Vishnu Aspect).

(e)  Higher E-Motion—To Move One's Psychic Energy For Higher Evolution!

(f)  The Hallmark, Characteristic and Quality Of Coming New Higher Advanced """Sixth Race"""!

46.  Genuine Compassion…

(a)  Attracts Beauty.

(i)  If no compassion (or attraction energy)—everything, including nature, would become very coarse, dangerous and ugly.

(b)  Builds, Sustains and Unites.

(c)  Cures and Heals.

(i)  """Compassion is balance and harmony of all polar opposite energies and forces""" that leads to joy and health at four levels: physical (etheric), emotional, mental and even spiritual.

(ii)  But hatred is discordant, disharmonious and repulsive—that leads to deadly diseases!

(d)  Descends and Ascends.

(i)  Compassion naturally flows and works both ways—with Higher Ones sacrificing for lower ones; and lower ones sacrificing for Higher Ones.

(ii)  Higher Ones volunteer to go down into matter (as forms) and sacrifice for millions of years; ascending back only on the wheel of return.

(iii)  The Solar Logos (God Of The Sun) is the source of compassion in our solar system — expressing, manifesting and in action Himself — through descending order of Higher Beings (from the Cosmic Plane down to the physical plane) — in this way, mankind can develop and acquire His qualities (eventually become like Him).

: Some Perspective On The Grandiose Master Plan For Creation And Evolution…

I.  As Sanat Kumara represents the Personality of the Planetary Logos;

II.  Lord Maitreya represents Sanat Kumara;

III.  In turn, Ascended Masters, and some 2nd ray senior disciples represent Lord (aka Deputies of Lord);

IV.  And junior disciples represent senior disciples or higher initiates — to positively impact (aspire and inspire) mankind;

V.  Likewise from mankind – to positively affect (uplift) the lower kingdoms (animal, vegetable and mineral).

VI.  Finally, all lower lives and creatures pass into the human kingdom.

VII.  Humans pass into the Spiritual Kingdom (become Solar Angels).

VIII.  Solar Angels merge with God (eventually become Gods).

* * *

(e)  Compassion Elevates, Inspires and Uplifts.

(f)  Is Fearless and Free(dom).

Notes: (refer #46f)—

I.  When one is truly fearless—out of selflessness;

II.  Then become willing to sacrifice for:

i.  Noble Cause for Greater General Good.

ii.  The All Good.

iii.  God.

III.  Why did Lord Christ say, Love your enemies. ?

i.  Because our enemies make us stronger (knowledge), wiser (compassion) and willing to (sacrifice)!

ii.  Give thanks to them, because they took your burdens from you.

(g)  Compassion Is Giving.

(h)  Is Humble.

i)  Not because of weakness, but too powerful within—so dare to self-humiliate…

 Not by demeaning oneself, or letting others bully and intimidate—out of fear.

 Rather by selflessly serving for All Good (or God)—out of compassion and wisdom (or loving understanding).

(i)  Is Continually Expanding And Multiplying.

(j)  IS All Containing, Embracing, Permeating and Synthesizing.

Notes: (refer #46i)—

I.  Like Pressure Cooker—Compressing All Energies Within One Container—Then Becomes Extremely Powerful By Containing Both Negative (or Repulsive) And Positive (or Attractive) Forces!

II.  Only True Compassion Can Control, Contain, Constrain and Restrain all negative, destructive, harmful and malevolent: thoughts and energies (like hatred and vengeance);

Otherwise, all these negative and destructive: thoughts and energies – will be out of control and taking over!

III.  On the downward whirlpool of hate and selfishness—end with self-dissolution and self-destruction.

But On The Ascending Spiral Of Compassion and Selflessness — Accumulate All Good Qualities And Experiences !

IV.  In This Second Solar System — All The Other Rays (1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th) Finally Must Enter (Or Subordinate) To """Second Ray (Of Compassion And Wisdom)""" !

* * *

(k)  Compassion Is Justice.

(l)  Is Sacrificing, Serving and Striving…

i)  When steadfastly and selflessly: sacrificing, serving and striving for God (or All Good) – then, by Divine Law, one will receive help from all Higher Beings.

ii)  While Higher Beings are meditating, their mats (figuratively) begin to shake or harden – letting them know that a selfless one deserves their help.  In other words, something makes them take notice of selflessly sacrificing ones.

iii)  Similarly those who consciously, willingly and totally: complying with Lord’s ""New Principle Of Sharing"" – will succeed to draw His attention (make Lord turn his head) to selflessly sharing one!

(m)  Leads To """Real, Unbroken and Unwavering Trust""" — In Turn Have Genuine:

i)  Devotion.

ii)  Obedience.

iii)  Reverence.

iv)  Respect.

(n)  Compassion Is From The 2nd Highest Aspect Of The Godhead (Or Divine Triad): """Selfless Love & Wisdom""";

(o)  Is Our Bridge And Entrance Door To The Highest Divine Aspect Of """God Will And Plan""" (Or ""Father In Heaven""; Or Divine Monad);

(i)  By Merging With """Atma (The Spirit, Or Universal Self)""";

(ii)  Since Buddhi Is Vehicle For Atma !

* * *

47.  So Anything Less Than Totality*: In Living And Expressing As One’s Spiritual Soul Nature—Means Daily For Entire Life, By One's: Thought, Speech and Deed;

(I)  Selflessly: Sharing, Serving And Sacrificing For The All Good (Or God);

(II)  Inner Meditation By Solitude, Silence and Stillness (or ‘3 S’);

Then One Cannot:

(a)  Achieve Union** With Sixth Higher Principle;

(b)  Have Spiritual Intuition Ability (or Faculty);

(c)  Eventually Merge With Seventh Higher Principle (Or Atma);

So Unable To Achieve:

(i)  Straight Knowledge (aka Knowledge Of The Spirit).

(ii)  Eternal Liberation.

(iii)  Immortality.

(iv)  Ultimate Perfection!

* : A few do not need to meet this requirement again—because in past (or previous) lives—they already achieved Soul Union.

** : Soul Union normally takes at least seven yearsbut if:

i.  One is totally focusing selfless service—out of compassion, gratitude and willing self-sacrifice;

ii.  And one's karma allows – then it can be achieve in just three years!

***48.  Therefore…

(a)  Even if one: has the highest earthly: university degree (like Ph.D. diploma) and I.Q. score;

But still using only one’s intellect (or lower aspect of Manas);

(b)  And despite one: accumulated all: true knowledge and ancient (esoteric) wisdom teachings;

But still unable to achieve: the most important """Bridge (or Key to entrance door)""" to: eternal liberation, immortality and ultimate perfection…

(c)  …The END RESULT Will Still Be: At Great Completion And Final Separation Of Our Present Fifth (Aryan, lower mind focused, mostly selfish) Race—

Unable To Continue* As New Higher Sixth Race.

*(refer #48.)—

I.  If Unwilling Or Unable To—Correct, Control, Discipline Own inner personality: selfishness; pride; negative and destructive–thoughts, speech and deeds…

Then No Matter What — CANNOT Achieve Inner: Buddhic Or Christ Principle.

i.  as selfish people have no desire (or urge) to serve and sacrifice for the All Good (or God),

ii.  and prideful people cannot approach God.

II.  So Why Sathya Sai Baba Said, God equals man minus ego.

III.  And Why Lord Said That,

i.  He cannot accept those having only intellect.

ii.  Lack of compassion makes a man unfit for achievement, because such souls are lacking in courage.

(Agni Yoga Book Two: Illumination (1925), II; XI; 1.)

IV.  LMW: So ""Compassion Is Compulsory""—

i.  ""For Accepted Disciples Of Lord Maitreya"".

ii.  In The Society Of Christ — """Friends""" Must Have Both Compassion And Knowledge (In 50 / 50 Balance).

V.  And According To Lord’s Decree,

i.  Those Who Sacrifice Themselves For Others, Will Live Forever.

ii.  But those only trying to save themselves, will die.

LMW: means those who willingly sacrifice their own: time, energy, money, pride, selfishness (etc) – for the sake of others—out of compassion and selflessness – will live forever.

But those only trying to save their own lives—because extremely and totally selfish – must die.

* * *

(d)  After Departed From Earth—

(i)  Because Not Fit For """Heaven On New Earth""",

(ii)  Must transfer to hell-like lower world, that is worse than our present miserable suffering earth.

(iii)  And there continue suffering the ceaseless and endless vicious cycle and natural process of: birth, death and rebirth…

(e)  Until One Day—After Finally Realized And Repented—Become Strongly Determined To Totally Change, Correct & Adjust Oneself—According To God Laws, Through True Teachings—

And Selflessly Serving And Sacrificing For The All Good (Or God) — Until Infused With """True Compassion and Higher Wisdom""";

: Means: after selfish (sinful) personality subordinated to (is controlling and dictating by): Selfless (Sinless) Spiritual Soul;

Then Become ""Spiritual Soul-Infused Personality"" — Dominated By Totally And Naturally Selfless ""Spiritual Soul Nature and Qualities"" !

(f)  Only Then, Can Escape Forever From Endless Vicious """Samsara""", And Enable To Union With God (Return Home)!

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Absent (Or Without) Compassion…

49.  Returning To The Un-Ignorable Statement That, "God Does Not Need Compassion" :

erroneous statements in the book: the laws of life.

50.  If There Is No Need For Compassion…

(a)  God Would Not Create And Sacrifice For Mankind.

(i)  living beings would have no God providence (of sunlight, air, water, food and other resources) for daily livelihood and survival.

(b)  Higher Beings Would Not Come To Help us.

(c)  Sanat Kumara Would Not:

(i)  …Sacrifice To Come Here, To Help Earth And Mankind.

(ii)  …Vow To Remain Until The Last One Is Liberated (We Know From """Om Mani Padme Om""" )!

(d)  God's Plan Would Fail—Because There Would Be:

(i)  No Conscience, No Care, No Concern.

(ii)  No Morality, No Living Ethics.

(iii)  No Urge To Serve (Or Work) For God.

(iv)  No Need For Selflessness.

(v)  No Heroic Deeds Or Podvig (Or Great Spiritual Sacrifices).

(e)  Various True Religions Would Perish.

(f)  Discipleship Would Become Hopeless and Impossible.

(g)  Three-Fourths (Or 3/4) Of Present Mankind Are Failed (Unfit For Higher Evolution) Because Lacking Compassion.

51.  Without CompassionThere Would Be:

No ""Spiritual Soul Expression"" And No ""Manifestation Of The Christ Principle"" —Therefore:

(a)  No Goodwill, No Sharing, No Welfare.

(b)  No Effort To Establish Right Relations (Like The United Nations, A Victory Of Christ Principle).

(c)  No Promoting Ideas About:

(i)  Sharing To Poor, Have Not And Suffering Mankind;

(ii)  Giving Food, Shelter And Support To Those Who Have No Security, No Future and No Certainty.

(d)  No Spirit Of Brotherhood, Sisterhood Or Community.

(e)  No Such Thing As: Many And Various ""Selfless Sacrifices And Works By""—

(i)  Disciples (aka ""New Group Of World Servers"");

(ii)  """Masters of Compassion / Masters of the Wisdom""";

(iii)  """Lord Maitreya—The Extraordinary Embodiment Of The Christ Principle (Or 2nd Ray Selfless Love Energy)""".

(f)  All Light Force: Disciples, Initiates, Ascended Masters And Even Spiritual Hierarchy—Would Cease To Exist—Because Mankind Has No Need For Them.

(g)  Eventually, We Do Not Even Need God…

* * *

52.  Lacking Compassion…

(a)  Mankind would have no other choice but hatred (or hate energy)!

(b)  When no more: sympathy, concern or consideration for others—then mankind and whole world becomes overwhelmingly dominated by hate energy—manifesting as:

•  beastly, wild animal nature,

•  brutality,

•  cruelty,

•  savagery (like in stone age),

•  vengefulness,

•  violence,

(c)  The closest living example today of those lacking compassion—a few apartheid states in the Middle East:

•  continuously terrorizing whole mankind (covertly and overtly),

•  extremely: brutal, cruel and selfish,

•  lawless, rough, reckless and ruthless,

•  taking everything from those who cannot resist,

•  no spirit of giving or sharing,

•  no sacrificing and serving for God (or All Good),

•  officially declared and recognized as the world's worst human rights violators.

(d)  Another example in our recent history are the godless communist Bolsheviks.

Because of no compassion—they could and did kill millions of Russians, the Tsar (or Emperor of Russia) and his family, including their dogs!

53.  Without Compassion—overwhelming cruelty and fear would rule mankind.

(a)  Through endless, extreme and out of control: brutality, inhumanity, savagery and violence!

(b)  Those fortunate to survive would become prisoners and slaves* of the most strong and ruthless!

(c)  Then Darwin’s distorted theory of ‘survival of the physically fittest’ would become valid!

(d)  The world overwhelming with widespread: chaos, social disorder and unrest—full of injustice, robbing, looting, raping, torturing and killing—would resemble a Mad Max movie!

* : Notes (refer #53b.)—

I.  There would be no just and goodwill systems like: Authentic Democracy And Socialism.

Instead: cruel, violent and separative (only beneficial to ruler and top elite) groups would prevail—for example:

i.  Taken to extremes: Capitalism, Communism and dictatorships;

ii.  Fascism, Nazism, Wahhabism and Zionism!

II.  So why in the near future, Spiritual Hierarchy and Lord already chose ""Authentic Genuine Democratic-Socialism"" as the ruling system for all nations and whole world—which will:

i.  Enable and enforce: reasonable and lawful freedoms and human rights—set by the """Invisible, Invincible, International Government""", through reformed United Nations.

ii.  Provide universal free: healthcare, education and housing (based on sharing and redistribution of wealth); and job opportunities.

iii.  Preserve only benevolent and beautiful cultures.

iv.  One set of laws applicable to all nations.

v.  One purified world religion.

* * *

54.  Without Compassion In Daily Life—mankind would be living in worldly hell…

(a)  Heads of families would neglect their wife and kids, and become dysfunctional broken families—prone to become anti-social, addicts to drugs and substances, violent, illiterate and incest (both forced and consensual).

(b)  In relationships, couples would: betray each other, have affairs, get intoxicated (drunk) and beat their wife or partner, bring home prostitutes or mistresses, and various other domestic problems.

(c)  Wealthy people would be overstocked with, wasting and throwing away food—while poor people and their kids are starving and dying.

(i)  Beggars and homeless people would lose all hope—as nobody would give them food, clothes, shelter, money or encouragement.

(ii)  Refugees and migrants would be forced to suicide—because no nation would accept and support them.

(d)  The 99% of working, poor and vulnerable people would become forever struggling, sick and suffering slaves—to selfish, cruel and inhumane: apartheid rulers and their families.

(e)  Indeed, lacking compassion for even one hour—mankind at all levels, would be living hell (on earth)!

55.  Absent Of Compassion—the middle class, poor and weak would very soon perish.  Only the wealthy could survive and live longer…

(a)  There would be no goodwill and welfare services (like Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps and subsidized public housing) for the middle class and poor.

(b)  By well plan—the selfish wicked 1% and ruling mafia governments—are already in process of killing off the poor and middle class (whom they regard and call as “eaters”; when they [the 1%] are the real: harmful & nonproductive parasites);

(c)  Through many and various ways — i ) by unlawful illegal wars; ii ) by contaminating and poisoning our: food, beverages, water and environment — for example, through genetically modified foods (or GMOs), chemical and metallic additives in our drinks, hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) and their depopulation agenda; (etc).

56.  Without Compassion—

(a)  The World's Population Would Gradually Go Extinct…

(i)  Because women would not be willing to sacrifice for their kids,

(ii)  Children would become rebellious and violent.

(iii)  Even the lower kingdoms would eventually go extinct—due to no maternal love, female animals would just eat their babies (accidentally delivered after mating).

(b)  The Whole Process Of Evolution Would Stop (cannot move forward, particularly after the first solar system);

(i)  Planets would derange and crash into each other.

(ii)  Entire solar systems would dissolve and disappear.

(iii)  Finally the whole universe would perish – because no harmony.

* * *

57.  It Is Out Of True Compassion That…

(a)  Our Sun Gives Life, Light and Warmth To Everything and Everyone (no matter if evil or good).

(b)  Twelve Planets Safely Hold Together and Orderly Orbiting Around The Sun.

(c)  Human Beings Sacrifice To Help and Save Others In Danger.

(i)  Many parents sacrifice for and even die to save their kids, and even pets (despite they may know nothing about spirituality or true teachings).

(ii)  Humans are naturally and primarily compassionate sentient beings—even distorted teachings cannot remove this quality.

(iii)  While not every human expresses compassion (mainly due to worldly conditioning), it still remains an innate primary quality (like instinct).

Note From Agni Yoga:

Sentimentality is often taken for compassion, anger for indignation, and self-preservation for courage.

(REF: Agni Yoga, New Era Community (1926), 229.)

(d)  Dogs Are The Closest, Most Obvious Living Examples of Compassion and Sacrifice — helping, serving and working for mankind in many different roles (as companions, guards, healers and shepherds).

(i)  Dogs embody 2nd ray in the animal kingdom.

(ii)  Dogs in general, are much more compassionate and humane (thus more evolved) than–

many numbers of extremely selfish, brutal and cruel, so-called “humans” – who really deserve to be called (and literally are): sub-humans – because they are worse (less evolved) than the animal dog!

(iii)  If compassion is not important, why did God (or the Creator) create dogs ?

(e)  Honey Bees and Ants Sacrifice For Their Queen (another obvious living example from the animal kingdom).

(f)  In The Plant Kingdom, Roots Sacrifice To Go Down Into The Dirt, In Order To Bear Fruit Upwards.

(g)  Even The Mineral Kingdom Provides All Living Creatures With Solid Ground and Minerals To Sustain Their Health and Physical Bodies—All Out Of God's Will-To-Good!

* * *

58.  The Only Case Whereby The Negative Statement: "God Does Not Need Compassion" Can Be Valid…

IS IF We Go Back To The Previous (Third Ray) Solar System (Or Moon Chain);

(a)  When Evolution Was Just Beginning,

(b)  And The Predestined and Preordained Goal Was To Achieve Higher Knowledge, Through Higher Manas.

Human Souls Lacking True Compassion

59.  Most Of Mankind Today

(a)  Have only human soul and animal soul.

(b)  Do Not Yet Have Higher """Spiritual Soul""" (Buddhic / Christ / Sixth Higher: Principle; aka """Compassion and Wisdom""");

Which Again, Is The Preordained Destiny And Predestined Goal Of Our Present Fifth (lower mind focused, Aryan) Race!

60.  Possible Causes:

***(I)  lowly-evolved mankind Who Did Not Yet: Develop And Achieve Union With Sixth Higher Principle.

(a)  For mankind (with only human soul, no Spiritual Soul) — If Consciously, Willingly and Daily Practising:

(i)  Awareness;

(ii)  Mindfulness;

(iii)  Humbly Learning [Like Beginner];

(iv)  Self-Adjustment, Self-Control and Self-Discipline;

(b)  …Will Partially and Relatively Expressing Compassion;

(i)  Or Only Selective Compassion For Own: Family, Friends and Likable Ones,

(ii)  Not All-Inclusive Compassion.

(c)  What they are expressing is: selfish (taking, possessive and jealous) love—from their human soul and animal soul nature.

(i)  As lower aspect of ""True Love (Which Is Selfless: Caring, Giving and Sharing Love—From Spiritual Soul Nature"").

(ii)  Even animals demonstrate and express this lower aspect (selfish love)—only for their own offspring and family groups. But towards other different animals–they attack, kill or eat them!

***(II)  those who, Not A Long Time Ago, Passed Out Of The Animal Kingdom Into The Human Kingdom.

(a)  Animal souls express an even lower aspect (or embryonic stage of love): selfish lust—to fulfill and satiate animal nature desires (or lower urges).

(b)  Male animals like elephants (in musth, mating season) are known to become destructive, violent and murderous—after rejected by female or otherwise unable to mate.

(c)  Nowadays, these kinds of accidents are occurring more frequently in human societies!

(i)  Like cases of husbands killing their whole family—after found out about wife's affair—or when parenthood becomes an obstacle to satiating his selfish animal lusts!

Note: True natural compassion never commits brutal, cruel and savage acts like this!

(d)  And cases of wives, out of selfish lust—easily betraying their loving husband—even committing adultery with multiple partners!

***This false selfish love, out of lust—is not true compassion at all—but is exactly like an animal.

(e)  So why most of mankind literally and technically: behave, express and living as sub-human nature!

***(III)  When one Already Nurtured And Developed Partial Compassion—But Then:

(a)  Failed To Continuously And Daily Expressing As:

All-Inclusive And Compassionate To Others—Without: Bias, Discrimination, Divisive, Exclusive, Racist and Separative;

(b)  And/Or: Repeatedly Committed Serious Sins—Out Of Extreme: selfishness, cruelty, inhumanity and perverted evil mind;

···Their Pineal Gland Gradually Atrophies (Becomes Totally Degenerated);

(Either): From Biological Effect Of Disuse,

(OR): As Karmic Retribution!

Like What Happened To The Failed Group From Moon Chain (Or Previous Solar System's Earth)!

Important Notes On Organized Religions:

I.  In organized religions—due to:

i.  Lack of true compassion,

ii.  Lack of true leadership by highly-evolved, selfless spiritual teachers (aka fourth initiates and above),

II.  Many earthly: priests (or fathers & brothers), bishops, cardinals, rabbis, preachers, pastors, gurus, lamas, monks, mullahs and other fake and false: spiritual teachers and religious servants—committed and still committing serious sins (as follows):

i.  adultery.

ii.  molested kids, believers, devotees and followers.

iii.  raped or sodomized: children, nuns, believers, devotees and followers.

iv.  other sexual perversions (including homosexual acts) with fellow religious servants, devotees or followers.

v.  secretly practicing black magic to harm and kill people (even their believers, devotees and followers).

vi.  manufacturing, printing and preaching: false, fearful and fake religious teachings,

vii.  then taking personal financial advantage of: believers, devotees, followers and worshippers—for example:

•  self-claiming themselves (and their institution) as representing and serving God – so if religious ones want to be saved (especially from hell), they have to donate their money or property.

•  then stealing donation money at the cost of: believers, devotees, followers, worshippers, donors and their own religious institution—to enjoy: alcohol, drugs, substances, sensual pleasures, luxury goods and materialistic comfortable lifestyles – without truly serving God and needy people.

•  so they are literally and practically: only serving for organized religious institutions and worldly individuals – for paycheck, free accommodations and food, paid vacations (and/or) other earthly benefits and privileges;

•  they do not truly serve God and Lord.*

•  some of these religious servants are actually criminals and evil-minded disguisers.

III.  All these false and fake religious: servants, preachers and teachers – will continue to commit serious sins until they finally die and depart to hell-like lower world(s).

Because they:

i.  have no self-discipline and control over their sub-human nature and lusts!

ii.  totally lack: True Compassion (from Spiritual Soul Nature)!

* : Not only in religious organizations, but in all different departments of mankind (like education, government, law, medicine, social welfare, technology and trade)—are mostly ignoring and neglecting ""the greater common good of humanity"".

And human-chosen political parties (lacking true compassion) are more or less corrupted and distorted (including existing democratic and socialist nations).

So it is obvious and proven why the future One World political system of: Authentic and Genuine Democratic-Socialism (based on all-inclusive compassion for all human beings);

i.  Is the best and most suitable for mankind, and all many and various nations.

ii.  Was wisely decided upon by Compassionate Higher Beings.

61.  So Finally, Our Present Fifth Race (Aryan, lower mind focused) Mankind Must Have Genuine Selfless: Caring, Giving And Sharing Love (Or """True Compassion""") In Order To:

(a)  Survive And Save During End Times Catastrophic Deadly Disasters (Or Earth Purification Process);

(b)  Enable To Continuously Live And Exist;

(c)  Enter Coming """Heaven On New Earth""";

(c)  Evolve Further And Higher, Until Achieve Perfection (Like Buddha and Christ)!

62.  Otherwise, All those Lacking Genuine Compassion—By:

(a)  Failed To Correctly Use own Free Will To:

(i)  Choose Selfless Service To God (Or Good For All) Above All earthly, perishable and personal;

(ii)  Take Full Self-Responsibility To Correct, Control and Discipline own negative, destructive, selfish and perverted: thoughts, speech and actions;

(b)  Failed To Daily Expressing True Compassion—Through Selfless: Sharing, Services and Sacrifices For Common Greater Good;

(c)  Only Pursuing And Living For: comfortable, complacent, pleasurable and materialistic–personality centered life…

63.  Will Be Unable To:

(a)  Evolve Higher And Achieve their Predestined: Sixth Higher Principle;

(b)  Continue As New Higher Sixth Race;

(c)  Enter Into Heaven On New Earth!

64.  Therefore, During Final Great Completion And Separation Of Our Present Fifth Race (Before 2025);

All those Who Failed Higher Evolution Tests…

(a)  Will Become left-behind and unfit.

(b)  Will Transfer To hell-like, extremely and unimaginably: struggling, suffering and savage lower world(s) !!!

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65.  In This Chapter, We Only Mentioned Some Truths (or Fragments) About Compassion—Not All Truths.

By Worldly Words—We Cannot Sufficiently: Express, Explain And Present All The Vitally Important Roles And Principles Of Compassion In The Whole Universe (On All Planes, From Cosmic To Physical Plane).

At Higher Levels (Beyond Mankind's Imagination And Knowledge)—There Are Many Secrets And Mysteries To The Power Of Compassion.

Like How Even Deadly Poison Becomes Medicine, By The Power Of Compassion.

66.  Some Quotes From Agni Yoga Teaching:

(a)  Compassion, compassion, compassion.

Many times before have I appealed to you to be as those who bear compassion.

(Agni Yoga, Book One: The Call (1924), 331.)

(b)  You, My disciples, behold! Dream of the future and you will see the regeneration of the world. Forget not compassion in your striving. Understand Me.

(Agni Yoga, Book One: The Call (1924), 333.)

(c)  It is said that the yogi knows no love; but in truth, he is full of compassion. People think of love only as constricting bonds. But compassion is boundless, a co-worker of Truth

(Signs Of Agni Yoga, Agni Yoga (1929), 210.)

(d)  What is the nature of the Bodhisattvas' compassion? Without coercing the will, They invisibly and patiently direct each suitable force toward good. It is not difficult to conduct oneself according to the Guidance of the Bodhisattvas, for all characteristics of the spirit are allowed for by Them.

(Signs Of Agni Yoga, Agni Yoga (1929), 332.)

(e)  The heart of an Arhat [fourth initiate] is like the Heart of Cosmos.  The heart of an Arhat is like the fire of the Sun.  Eternity and the motion of Cosmos fill the heart of the Arhat.

Maitreya is coming, radiant with all fires.

His Heart is aflame with compassion for destitute humanity.

His Heart is aflame with the affirmation of the new Covenants.

(Agni Yoga, Hierarchy (1931), 3.)

In The Next Update, We Will Mention More On Other Topics (Like Sacrifice, Spiritual Paradox And Self-Realization).

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